Advantages of MARA

Those are some reasons we are better than our marketing automation competition


All features in one place

With our solution you can do a lot of things (campaigns), very well interconnected. And if there's something missing, we are happy to add new features.


Information on each user profile

You can find out what a user is doing in your website, how he interacts with emails, what he is interested in. All in one place. That's how you grow your business.


Quality support from ecommerce specialists

We've built thousands of emails, campaigns, A/B testing, programming services for hundreds of clients. You have access to our experience and knowledge from moment zero.


Extra services available

If you don't find developers, marketing specialists, ecommerce consultants, we can help you at a very competitive price. And you also have the guarantee of our services.


Flexible pricing

You can choose whether to pay depending on the traffic volume or based on commission from assisted sales. We can negotiate the pricing because margins are industry dependent, and so it's the effort.


Cheaper than paying multiple solutions

Having all features included, it's much cheaper than paying an email marketing solution, another for push, retargeting, poll systems, products recommendations and so on.


Data safety

We take care of your data very seriously. Confidentiality is important, so we make all we can to make sure servers are secured and data is safe.


Available everywhere

Start, change or edit campaigns, even from mobile (with some limitations because of screen size). All our campaigns are mobile first, so you can preview them on desktop and they look amazing on mobile as well.


Detailed reports

We include in our reports all user actions and group them by each campaign. Daily reports and evolution is available for each metric.


Assisted conversions

Statistics include carts and conversions assisted through at least one interaction with our campaigns. List of assisted campaigns are available under a special report.


Customizable for your business

Our solution allows for custom tracking and events, new attributes for your users and also custom product recommendations algorithms.


Integration with any solution

We've created modules for the most common ecommerce solutions and CMS. For any other solution we have documentation and we can do it for you through any TagManager.


Public API for users

You can edit your users through a server side API, for a deep integration with your existing solutions.

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