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Marketing Automation for Opencart

The best marketing automation software for Opencart is here. Full integration with your Opencart store to track, analyze and deliver messages to increase sales.

How does marketing automation work for Opencart?

MARA module for Opencart integrates into your store with a complete solution: syncronize product data, send user events and also is able to dynamically generate unique vouchers.

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No technical knowledge is required to install Opencart extension to integrate with our marketing automation tool.

Best Marketing Automation Tool for Opencart

MARA is the best marketing automation tool for Opencart. Integrating our solution you will have full control, without any limitation to the following: email marketing, product recommendations, push notifications, polls&surveys, site interactions and dynamic messages.

Email Marketing drive by data

All our email marketing campaigns are driven by very exact data. It can be purchase history, advanced user segmentation or real-time events.

Emails powered by MARA will increase average order value, bring back bounced visitors while increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV) and retention.

  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Send personal product recommendation
  • Win back inactive customers
  • Automate search campaigns

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Dynamic onsite Interactions and email collectors

Create or increase your subscribers database. Smart collect email addresses on exit-intent or display persuasion messages to your customers.

Product bounce or cart reminder are a good way to lead visitors to finish purchase right away.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations are helping users to find what they looking for. 20+ algorithms can be included on your website on any page: product page, category/listing page, search results, cart page or homepage.

Similar products, cross-sell, upsell or best products by conversion rate, by units sold and more algorithms. Part of our amazin marketing automation solution for Opencart, product recommendations can be used in both email and displayed on the website.

Collect better data on your users

Have polls and surveys that will bring you more data about your customers so you can grow your business. Specific polls appear at the right time for your users: unsubscribe page, checkout page to find why are they hesitating, user profile page.

Use Net Promoter Score to find what your visitors are thinking about your business.

Reports to run your business very accurately

Every campaign assists your conversions, so we show very detailed information on that. Usually reaching 20% of assisted sales, all done automatically. Each campaign has real-time reporting:

  • Email campaigns: sent, open, click and assisted purchases
  • Site campaigns: impressions, clicks, close campaigns
  • Product recommendations: impressions, clicks and exact purchases

Those are only a few reasons to use MARA as your marketing automation software for Opencart. Fill the form you have here to create your free account.

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